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The Ovine Olympics!!
The best part of lambing season is when the little ones are about two weeks old.  They race from one end of the pen to the other.
Short and Sweet Sheep Farm
Interested in Spring lambs?  Email or call to reserve lambs now.
Big Gracie and little Coraline
The line up.
Ella and twin ewes Nora & Nina
Ewe lambs $500

Ram lambs $500

Wethers    $350
(castrated rams).....wethers make great pets and companions for ewes and rams.

When buying sheep keep in mind that they need a companion of their own species so two is a must.
If you are planning on breeding in the future we suggest that you start with two unrelated ewes.  The following year purchase an unrelated ram and a wether as his companion or consider leasing a ram for stud.